2018 Bands

We have five media bands ready to battle for the Newzapalooza Jonathan Jenkins Memorial Trophy. For those keeping score at home, that’s down a bit, due to recent baby booms in several of our regular bands. This year, we have a special musical guest band, fronted by Andrew Cash. Once again, if the prize was to be handed out for best band name alone, we’d need more trophies!

Special musical guest


Andrew Cash joins the Newzapalooza lineup this year as our special guest act. Cash, former NDP MP for Toronto’s Davenport riding and co-founder of the Urban Worker Project, is also a singer/songwriter, and has graced the Newzapalooza stage in the past with musical and political sidekick Charlie Angus. Newzapalooza is delighted to have Cash as part of this year’s show.

The contenders

image001-2Fresh off a runner-up finish at last year’s Newzapalooza, The Huffingtones are back to claim that top spot in 2018.  Get ready to rock to some of the past decades grungiest hits!

SPLIFFSThe Spliffs Estate are Canada’s premier cannabis appreciation band!  Normally they’d be playing some sort of Bongstock or Smokechella festival, but due to a scheduling mishap, they’ll be blazing the competition at this year’s Newzapalooza!  Full transparency, we’re not actually 100% sure they understand what Newza is, but they seem REALLY relaxed and ready to jam. Legalization is the biggest story of the year!  So put your hands together for the accidentally newsworthy — Spliffs Estate!

newza1Back for a third year, Death Hoax is debuting a new lineup on the Newza stage. The rowdy, ragtag four piece is now fronted by singer/guitarist (and Now Magazine food writer) Natalia Manzocco, with TIFF art director Bradley Reinhardt on guitar, novelist-slash-journalist Nathan Whitlock on drums, and Canadian Press reporter Paola Loriggio on bass/backup vocals.

image001-2 copyHighway to Bell returns to Newzapalooza with a streamlined and stripped down lineup to once again rip up the stage with a rocking set. Aaron Hayes provides the beats on the Kit while Andrew King rounds out the rhythm section on Bass. Angelo Altomare is joined by Steven Hounam on Guitars and Vocals. Jackie Vandinther and Marlene Lueng provide backup vocals and percussion. The biggest question for this sophomoric band will be if there is another surprise appearance in the works again? Also…will they will finally follow in the path of their name sake this year?

DISRUPTEDWhat makes DISRUPTED the epitome of the modern-day power trio? Primarily, the fact that there are three of them. And….they use electricity. To make the rock and roll. Returning to the stage for their second year at Newza, DISRUPTED has Reuters’ Steve McKinley on the Guitar and LoJo on Bass, and… all the way from the Hamilton Spectator!…..Scott Gardner laying down the Hammer on the skins.